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What is Smart 911?

Smart911 improves police and emergency response by providing added information that you might want available to a dispatcher, police, or emergency responders if you call 9-1-1. By providing rescue information with Smart911 in advance, you ensure that the information is accurate and appropriate. If an emergency does happen, dispatchers are already a step ahead.

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Smart911 is a free opt-in system through which UNC community members can register their cell phones and create personalized profiles with important personal information, such as photos, physical descriptions, details about your place of residence and work, even medical or critical care information. Coordinated by Rave Wireless (which already provides the Rave Guardian service to UNC’s cell phone users), Smart911 underwent extensive testing to ensure reliability and privacy. Smart911 protects your information and ensures it gets only to the people who need it and only when they need it (your profile is encrypted and only visible when you call 9-1-1).

UNC-Chapel Hill is the first university in the state, and one of a few nationwide, to offer Smart911 and we are part of the larger nation-wide Smart911 system.  This is a joint program between the Department of Public Safety and the Division of Student Affairs